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Symbian S60 Emulator

Symbian SDK


The all-in-one Symbian, S60 platform, and S60 device SDKs enable the development of applications using Qt, C++, Java™ technology, and web technology. The SDKs include all the key resources needed for applications development, such as documentation, API reference, examples, and an emulator. An IDE is not included.


With the exception of the Nokia N97 SDK, these SDKs install ActiveState ActivePerl; which is required to build applications with the abld tool in all Symbian and S60 SDKs. If you wish to use the Nokia N97 SDK, install any of the other SDKs prior to installing the Nokia N97 SDK. You can also locate the ActivePerl installer in ..\epoc32\tools\distrib\ActivePerl- of any installed copy of an SDK.

Latest news

The final 1.0 version of the Symbian Belle SDK is available. This SDK enables developers to run their applications in an emulator that provides the updated Symbian UI style.

Supported runtimes

The all-in-one SDKs support development of applications using the following runtimes:

2.Symbian C++.
3.Java™ technology.
4.Web Runtime (WRT).

Supported editions, feature packs, and devices

All-in-one SDKs are available for the following editions, feature packs, and devices:

1.Symbian Belle.
2.Symbian 3.
3.Nokia N97 mobile computer.
4.S60 5th Edition.
5.S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2.

Earlier SDKs

For S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 and earlier SDKs supporting C++ development please refer to S60 Platform SDKs for Symbian OS, for C++

More information

For more information, visit the Symbian C++ page

Open Source Software Components

The Symbian Belle SDK, Symbian^3 SDK for Nokia devices, and S60 5th Edition SDK for Symbian OS include certain open source or other software originating from third parties that may be subject to the GNU General Public License (GPL) and different and/or additional copyright licenses, disclaimers, and notices. The exact terms of GPL and some other licenses, disclaimers, and notices are reproduced in the materials provided with this product [ and are also available at http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html ]. Please refer to the exact terms of the GPL regarding your rights under said license. You may obtain a complete
corresponding machine-readable copy of the source code of such software under GPL and some other open source licenses allowing source code distribution here.

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